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I’m an expert in sports training and fitness with more 18 years of international experience (Brasil, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Sweden). I have trained athletes from MMA, Soccer, running, footvolley… and dozens of other categories to improve their physical capabilities and quality of life.

Vitor Justiniano

Physical education degree and masters in high performance sports training.

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Strength training
Whatever be your goal or physical condition, the strength training always is an optimum choice to start a program of training and help you to get until your objectives.
Benefits of strength training:
• Considerable increase in strength
mobility and flexibility
•Increase in muscle mass
• Loss of weight and fat
• Build a amazing shape (tonification)
• Improvement of functional capacities and life
• Injury prevention
• Increased self-esteem and self-confidence.
Weight loss and Tonification
If your goal is lose weight and reach an amazing body, I can help you using a methodology that suits you. Whatever is your preference of training, you can get your objectives if you have a personalized training that fits perfectly with your needs. So, choose how and where you want to train. Suggestions: Functional training/ Strength training/ Body weight training / Circuits/ Aerobic + strength training combination/ Workout at home, gym or outdoor
Training for couple or friends
Workout in couple or with a friend (made for 2 people) is fun, hyper motivated and cheaper. So take a look in our pack price and choose if you want to train at the gym, at home, outdoor or a place of your choice.

Program of training and follow up by whatsapp, skype and e-mail.

One-to-one personal training
• 1 session (60 minutes)
• Pack 5 sessions
• Pack 10 sessions
Training for couples and/or 2 friends
Prices below cover both participants
• 1 session (60 minutes)
• Pack 5 sessions
• Pack 10 sessions
• 1 session fast functional training(35 minutes)
• 5 sessions fast functional training
• 10 sessions fast functional training
Fast functional training
- 1 session (35 minutes)
- Pack 5 sessions
- Pack 10 sessions
Pre/post pregnancy
• One-to-one personal trainer
• Fast functional training
• Training for couple or 2 friends
• Special offer: pack with 50 sessions

*this pack is designed to be used from the third month until the last month of pregnancy* or whatever is convenient for both case (pre/post pregnancy).
What our clients
testimonial-team (Demo)
Alex Wilson

Vitor set up an amazing training plan for me whilst he was working in barcelona. He improved my diet and helped get me a physic which I was trying to achieve for years. I highly recommend him!

testimonial-team (Demo)
Ana Garcia
Marketing Manager

Such a great PT! makes the gym fun again

need help?
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